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Licensed acupuncture specialists are practicing in the center. They received their medical degrees from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and other universities of Chinese Medicine in China with a major in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Many of them also received master’s and/or Ph.D. degrees from universities in the United States. They are all nationally board certified (NCCAOM) acupuncturists and currently hold acupuncture licenses in Maryland. Thousands of patients have benefited from their treatment. Their specialties include: pain relief, allergies, asthma, smoking cessation, weight loss, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, stress, sleep disorder, Bell’s palsy, stroke hemiplegia, side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapies, (fatigue, nausea, vomiting).


We participate with several health insurance plans. When using in-network benefits, patients are only responsible for what their insurance asks them to pay. We also take other insurance as out-network provider. Whether you are using in-network or out-network benefits for acupuncture, we will help you manage your claims. If you are not sure your acupuncture benefit we will be happy to call your insurance company for clarification.

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