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Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM)

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is a prestigious school of Chinese medicine in China. Founded in 1956, the University is one of the earliest institutions focused on higher education for Chinese medicine approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

The long standing philosophy of BUCM is the university motto “勤求博采, 厚德济生” (Study diligently. Make use of the strengths of others. Follow the highest moral standards.  Save lives.). The university integrates teaching, learning, inheritance, and innovation in traditional Chinese medicine. Instruction in basic knowledge and clinical practice is supported by national well-known traditional Chinese medicine masters, physicians and research scientists.


BUCM consists of eleven schools and offers eleven bachelor’s degree programs, a master of medicine degree and a doctorate degree in medicine. The university has a faculty of 4,481 and 29,293 students on campus.  It was the first traditional Chinese medicine university to teach traditional Chinese medicine in English for international students.. This international program has been in operation since the 1970s.   As of 2017, BUCM has trained over 20,000 traditional Chinese medicine professionals from 90 countries and regions, and formed collaborations with 108 prestigious universities and research institutions from 30 countries and regions.

BUCM has eight affiliated hospitals in Beijing, Shen Zheng and Xiamen. These hospitals are practicing integrated medicine by providing patient care with modern medical diagnoses and treatment in conjunction with traditional Chinese medicine diagnoses and therapies.

bucm campus2_edited
bucm campus3
Teaching building
The graduation ceremony in 2016
Oversea students in BUCM Campus  (3)
Scientific research Building
Affiliated Hosptial of BUCM-Dongfang Hospital
bucm campus_edited
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