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Seminars on acupuncture and herbs for infertility treatment held by USCCM

Seminar on acupuncture and herbs for infertility treatment was held on Aug 25-26 at US Center for Chinese Medicine by BUCM. Outstanding gynecologist Prof. Biqin Wang from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, well-known TCM gynecologist Prof. Ming Jin from New York and andrology expert Prof. Yaosheng Zhang from BUCM gave lessons at the seminar. American reproduction, endocrinology and infertility specialist Dr. Frank E Chang came to communicate with TCM experts and invited them to visit Shady Grove Fertility Center. Acupuncturists from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Massachusetts attended the seminar.

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Seminars on acupuncture and herbs for infertility treatment held by USCCM

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Dr. Frank E Chang invited specialists in this seminar to visit Shady Grove Fertility Center

Infertility has become the third major threat to human health after cancer and cardiovascular disease. Infertility rate of China has risen from 2.5% 20 years ago to 15% in 2012, with more than 50 million patients. In US, the ratio is similar and 1 in 8 couples have infertility problems. Human Reproduction Update, the top journal in the field of reproduction and maternity, published the largest study on changes in the number of human sperms by now in 2017. The data showed that the global male sperm concentration had declined by 59.3% in the past 40 years. Orthodox manual of Gynecology said that they way to reproduce is to keep male sperm concentrated and female menstruation regular. Combining the wisdom of the ancients with modern diagnosis and treatment technology and using both acupuncture and herbs to treat infertility and improve the efficacy, are the purposes of this seminar.


Prof. Biqin Wang has inherited academic theories from TCM gynecology specialist Prof. Guo Zhiqiang and is the head of the inheritance studio of Prof. Zhiqiang Guo. Prof. Wang shared Prof. Guo’s academic thoughts on treating infertility and explained sequential therapy system. Yangxue Tiaojing Decoction, Yupo Decoction, Ovulation Soup, Lianggu Decoctionsome are some clinical effective decoctions of it. Prof. Ming Jin, former chairman of New York Licensed Acupuncturist Association, gave a detailed lecture on acupuncture and IVF, shared valuable experience in the application of acupuncture and herbs in the treatment of infertility in US, and expounded life from the perspective of Chinese and Western medicine and humanity, which moved the audience a lot. Prof. Yaosheng Zhang shared the clinical experience and clinical research results of varicocele asthenospermia and introduced the experience of diagnosis and treatment of male asthenospermia and oligozoospermia. The acupuncturists participating in the seminar said that they learned a lot and hoped that USCCM could provide more high-level seminars to improve the efficacy and patients’ satisfaction of TCM.

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Andrology experts Prof. Yaosheng Zhang, gynecologist Prof. Biqin Wang, Prof. Ming Jin and infertility specialist Dr. Frank E Chang

On the evening of August 27th, Prof. Biqin Wang gave a public lecture titled “Women’s Health We Care”. She gave advice on TCM treatment for women with irregular menstruation, premature ovarian failure, menopausal syndrome and early diagnosis and treatment of gynecological cancer, gave solutions to health problems from female of different ages, and explained the recipes and methods of diet or tea with Chinese herbal medicine such as angelica mutton soup, Tianma egg, rose lily tea and so on, which were warmly welcomed.

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Public lecture Welfare Lecture “Women’s Health We Care”

Since March 2018, USCCM has held special seminars on seasonal allergy, neurological diseases and infertility, public welfare lectures on “Scientificity and Inheritance of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, “Huangdi Neijing and Health Care”, and “Women’s Health We Care”, and opened Yang Style Taichi Workshop. In the future, we will conduct more seminars and public welfare lectures on issues such as pain treatment and diabetes, to improve the therapeutic effect of Chinese medicine and help the public to apply TCM to solve health problems.

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