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The Museum of Chinese Medicine has been open to public since December 2016. It is a museum aimed at a general introduction to Chinese Medicine. The 500 square meter exhibition hall has four sections, 1) Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine, 2) Chinese Herbal Medicine, 3) Therapy of Chinese Medicine, and 4) Journey to the World and Modern Advances in Chinese Medicine.

The exhibition presents the threads of Chinese medicine’s natural approach to understanding nature, the human body, health and diseases. All contents are used to elaborate the thinking behind Chinese medicine with real world examples and with the core of "Holism" and "syndrome differentiation". The museum aims to introduce Chinese medicine to the general public and host educational and scientific events to facilitate the academic and non-academic exchange of ideas and approaches between Chinese medicine specialists and the modern scientific community.

The Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine exhibit introduces the understanding of life from a Chinese medicine perspective, including the human body (viscera and meridians), diseases, treatment, and disease prevention. 

The Chinese Herbal Medicine exhibit demonstrates medicinal herbs, their theory and usage, including the four qi and five tastes of Chinese herbs, processing of raw herbal materials, identification of genuine medicinal materials, Chinese medicine resources and the traditional herbal pharmacopeia.

The Therapy of Chinese Medicine exhibit provides an overview of types of treatment used in a Chinese medicine clinic including herbs, Chinese patent medicine (dosage form and preparation of Chinese patent medicine), acupuncture, needle manipulation, qigong and Wu Qin Xi (five exercises mimicking animal postures). 

The Journey to the World and Modern Advance of Chinese Medicine exhibit showcases the important historical events of Chinese medicine in the twentieth and twenty first centuries.


You are cordially welcome! 


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