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Cheeks Acupuncture Therapy Courses

What is Cheeks Acupuncture Therapy?

Cheeks Acupuncture Therapy, created by Professor Wang Yongzhou and his team through 25 years of clinical practice and research, is a new pain-free acupuncture therapy to treat systemic diseases by acupuncture at specific points on the cheeks.  







What is the theoretical origin of Cheeks Acupuncture Therapy?

Cheeks Acupuncture Therapy is based on the big triple energizer theory, synthesizes body and mind, integrates the knowledge of Chinese and Western medicine on human body, and constructs a holographic-triple-energizer-self-consistent theory system, which provides a new multi-dimensional perspective for understanding life and disease.


What are the characteristics of Cheeks Acupuncture Therapy?

Cheeks Acupuncture Therapy has such characteristics: standard acupoint selection, clear target, simple operation, wide range of indications, no pain and safety. Whether you have received relative trainings or not, it’s easy to master it quickly and well.


What are the indications of Cheeks Acupuncture Therapy?

Cheeks Acupuncture Therapy divides locations of disease into three levels:

1. Holographic level. It is based on the anatomy, including pains on neck, shoulder, waist and legs, and so on.

2.Triple energizer level. The dysfunctions of Zang and Fu is the main part, including gastritis, arrhythmia, astriction, obesity, allergic rhinitis, and so on.

3.Body and spirit level. Diseases in this level are difficult to treat, such as anxiety, psoriasis, refractory insomnia, uterine fibroids, sequelae of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  

This training is personally taught by Mr. Wang Yongzhou, the founder. Yes! The Indications are so broad; the operations are so easy to learn; after the courses, you can help others relieve their pains. Don’t wait and come!



Mr. Wang Yongzhou, chief Chinese medicine practitioner, has inherited theories and techniques from Professor Zheng Kuishan, Zhang Tao qing, Jin Ande, Bo Zhiyun and Liu Hequn, who are all famous in acupuncture area. Professor Wang is strict in study and has more than 30 years experiences of treating, teaching and research at home and abroad in acupuncture. 

Mr. Wang Yongzhou has been teaching acupuncture for more than ten years at the Thirteenth and Sixth Medical Colleges in Paris. He is also the chairman of the Acupuncture Committee of the European Federation of Chinese Medicine Experts, the director of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine, and the first group of distinguished professors of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.



NCCAOM Credit:

no credit for 1-day registration

16 points for 2-days registration only



Pre-registration $290 per day (including class material)


Pre-registration deadline

Friday, October 12, 2018



The class is tentatively scheduled for November 3-4, 2018


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