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The Clinical Department  Officially Opened


USCCM held an opening ceremony for its Clinical Department on September 27, 2017.  About 100 attendees were present at this event from various professions in the United States.  The president of BUCM, Prof.  Anlong Xu attended this ceremony and made an important speech.

Washington local time 9:30 am, the Clinical Department opening ceremony officially began. President Anlong Xu on behalf of the University delivered an opening speech.  In the beginning he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the colleagues who have supported BUCM and the development of the USCCM for a long time. President Xu said that the development of overseas Chinese medicine center is BUCM’s important strategic layout on the international development and construction of "Double Top-Tier University".  Developing the USCCM is one of the important missions.  BUCM must profoundly understand the health care of Chinese medicine and the core value of the care for life, catch the great timing of development of Chinese medicine, make full use of overseas Chinese medicine center as an important platform, and to overall promote the university and the international development of Chinese medicine. US Senator Chris Van Hollen is represented by Ms. Nina Ganti and read a congratulatory message. Mr. Sam Mok, former CFO, US department of labor, CFO and comptroller US department of the treasury. Ms. Christina W. Poy, Director of Asia-Pacific Affairs of the Maryland Government, Mr. Clarence Lam, Member of the House of Representatives of Maryland, Mr. Lin Xuerong, President of North China Yi Lin Pharmaceutic Technology Company, and Director of Epilepsy Center, George Washington University Professor Mohamad Koubeissi attended and delivered speeches.  Mr. Zhang Tao, Vice President of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Ms. Wang Ying, President of Link Consulting, Lily Qi, assistant chief administrative officer for economics and workforce at Mongomery County Maryland and other leaders also attended to congratulate.  Subsequently, Professor Jihong Wu and Professor Koubeissi on behalf of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina school and George Washington University Epilepsy Center respectively, signed the cooperation intention to establish “Epilepsy Institute" in the USCCM. Finally, the Director of USCCM Professor Bo Ji announced the USCCM Clinical Department officially opened. BUCM’s International Exchange and Cooperation Director Minke Tang presided over the opening ceremony.  BUCM’s Life Sciences School Executive Vice dean Yuanyuang Shi, Vice President Tao Lu, Vice Chairman of the Asset Management Company Yaosheng Zhang, Deputy Director of the Oriental Hospital Development Department, Ms. Chao An also attended the opening ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, President Anlong Xu invited relevant leaders and experts to carry out strategic discussions regarding the development of Chinese Medicine in the US. Participants spoke enthusiastically and offered advice and suggestions for the future development of USCCM.  It is agreed that the USCCM will become the leader in the development of Chinese medicine in North America.  The seminar was chaired by Professor Yaosheng Zhang, General Manager of the Asset Management Company of BUCM.  ​​

USCCM Clinical Department opened, marking the USCCM has become a set of medical, scientific research, teaching, cultural transmission and other functions as one of the overseas Chinese medicine development platform.
The Clinic has established ties with famous institutions of Western medicine, engaging in treatment of pains, insomnia, eczema, allergic rhinitis, common cold, digestive disorders, herpes zoster, sequalae of cerebrovascular and spinal cord injury, infertility, side effect after chemotherapy, depression etc. 

In addition, the Center will take responsibilities for clinical observation and internship. It is planned to engage senior US acupuncturists in association with specialists of BUCM to set up a telemedicine platform for consultation of difficult and complex cases.  

The opening of the Clinic will put up a bridge for medical exchange between China and America, and promote training of more outstanding TCM clinical staff of both countries. 

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