Tuina-Massage Therapy


Tuina-massage is a therapy used to prevent disease or maintain health based on the theory of the zang-fu organs and meridians. It consists of a variety of manipulations of acupoints or certain parts of the body. Commonly-used maneuvers are pushing, rubbing pressing, kneading, pinching, twisting, rolling, twirling, shaking, vibrating, tapping, patting, revolving, etc. Tuina-massage works to move qi and blood, relax muscles and tendons, and remove obstructions from meridians. Thus, the functions of the zang-fu organs are regulated and the body’s resistance is strengthened. It is also very effective in treating disorders of the motor or nervous system.

 Beijing University of Chinese Medicine


Founded in 1956, the university is one of the earliest established institutions of higher learning of traditional Chinese medicine approved by the State Council of China.

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