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2018 USCCM-BUCM Lantern Festival Celebration


On March 2, 2018, the 15th day of the first lunar month, the US Center for Chinese Medicine by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (USCCM-BUCM) held a Lantern Festival Celebration. Representatives from the Chinese Embassy in the US, Chinese and Western medicine scholars, science and technology professional societies, and cultural and educational institutions joined us in the celebration.


Speeches were delivered by Mr. Futao Chen, the Minister Counselor of Science and Technology at the Chinese Embassy in the US, a Consultant from BUCM US Center for Chinese Medicine, the President of the Washington Institute of Chinese Medicine and Clinical Center, a former member of White House Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy Committee, Mr.Xiaoming Tian, the Director of George Washington Hospital Epileptic Center, Professor Mohammad Koubeissi, and experts from USCCM.


Minister-Counselor Mr. Futao Chen expressed his hope that the USCCM Center will combine the advantages of Chinese and Western medicine to promote health and information sharing by utilizing life science and modern technology to take a leadership role in Chinese medicine development.


The participants toured the Chinese medicine museum exhibition and also enjoyed various interactive activities like calligraphy and painting, a Guzheng performance, a high-tech show around meridians and collaterals, hand-made lanterns, lantern riddles, immune boosting herbal tea! All the guests at the celebration jointly painted a 10-meter Chinese painting of Lotus, which stands for peace and harmony in traditional Chinese painting. More interestingly, the flower, the leaves, the root and fruit of lotus are used as different herbs in Chinese medicine. The Center (USCCM-BUCM) not only serves as a significant Traditional Chinese Medicine research, education, and Medical Center but also a window into Chinese culture for the American people.



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