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Tai Chi/Qigong Workshop

SMILE Wellness Program

A World Leading Health Program
A clinically proven life-changing Tai Chi & Qigong program for prevention and management of the chronic conditions

What is SMILE Wellness Program


Qigong-based SMILE program is specifically designed by Master Liu Xin , an internationally respected expert in Qigong and Tai Chi mind-body therapy and Professor of Beijing University of Chinese medicine, for prevention and management of chronic conditions.

Tai Chi/Qigong Workshop

Tai Chi/Qigong Workshop

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Teacher: Master and Professor Liu Xin has been in the field of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, especially in Tai Chi and Qigong mind-body therapy for more than 30 years. He is a world leader in Tai Chi and Qigong. His expertise is teaching, practice and research-based. From 1980s, Master Liu has conducted numerous Tai Chi and Qigong training courses, as well as train the trainer’s courses for community groups and a wide variety of health professionals from many countries across the world. Also, representing Chinese government, he has conducted Qigong courses in many countries and highly appreciated by his students. He has been a regular invited speaker at international conferences and Chief Referee at International Qigong Competition. He is the founder of known KaiMai style Tai Chi and Qigong, and he is also the creator of the successful evidence-based Tai Chi & Qigong Program for prevention and management of chronic diseases known as SMILE Wellness Program. In recognition of his contribution to public health, he has been interviewed and profiled nationally and internationally.  He was awarded his PhD at The University of Queensland Australia (UQ) and worked for UQ School of Medicine for many years. He is a Professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

About Tai Chi / Qigong:


Chinese Qigong is an important part of Chinese medicine therapy and has a history of thousands of years. Compared with other Chinese medicine therapies, Chinese Qigong has become the most popular and widely used therapeutic method in the overseas development of Chinese medicine because of its characteristics of safety, simplicity, and ease of operation. As a physical and psychological exercise therapy with Chinese characteristics, its development has been accepted by the international medical community and has become an international hotspot.


The traditional Chinese medicine Qigong promoted by this plan has undergone many clinically rigorous repeated scientific verifications. Its scientific research results have been reviewed by international peer experts and have been published in the world's top authoritative medical academic journals, and have obtained international sports medicine, preventive medicine, and public health. Recognition in other fields can well assist modern medicine and traditional medicine in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Course Introduction:


Qigong and Tai Chi are two well-known mind-body movement therapies with a long history. This is the FIRST ever Qigong/Tai Chi course of its kind in TCM universities that teaches a unique clinically proven and evidence-based program (known as SMILE Tai Chi & Qigong Program). This Qigong/Tai Chi-based SMILE program is specifically designed by Master and Professor Liu Xin, an internationally respected expert in Tai Chi and Qigong, for management of chronic conditions. The findings from clinical trials have demonstrated strong evidence of the effects of this program on many health conditions, including :


  • Improve diabetes control

  • Psychological health

  • Weight loss

  • Blood pressure reduction

  • Stress relief

  • Pain reduction

  • Flexibility and endurance improvement

  • Strength and physical functioning improvement

  • Improved sleeping patterns

  • Increased vitality/energy levels

  • Improved breathing

  • Enhanced immunity

  • Greater confidence, self-esteem and coping

  • Positive changes in life perspective

  • Better health related-quality of life, general health and more…



The above findings have been published in top internationally peer-reviewed medical journals, including the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and British Journal of Sports Medicine.

What Previous Participants Say …

  • “In 8 years this exercise is the only kind that made a difference”

  • “I really appreciate being a part of this program. I feel so much better in so many ways physically and mentally”

  • “I feel more confident, it has changed my personality and health”

  • “I had a lot of work and family stress. I would not have managed it well if I had not been doing the program”

  • “My doctor was so pleased he did a lot of tests. All were better than before the program”

  • “The program has made such a difference to me. I feel so much better physically and mentally”

Course Details: 


$180(Early Bird), $260(After June 25th) per person for 1 day workshop 

$290(Early Bird), $420(After June 25th) per person for 2 day workshop 

Places are limited due to class size restrictions for teaching quality.
*Please note: places are allocated on a first in, first placed basis.




Saturday, August 4: Workshop


1. Introduce meridian knowledge

2. Elicit DanTian Energy/Qi

3. Study “Stretching and Dredging the Meridians” – Routine one

    Start to elicit your ‘Congenital Qi’, open your channels and experience and enjoy energy flow



1. Review “Stretching and Dredging the Meridians” – Routine one

2. Study “Stretching and Dredging the Meridians” – Routine two (Absorb Energy from the Cosmos to Replenish Yuan Qi)

    Continue to open your channels and experience and enjoy energy flow


Sunday, August 5: Workshop


1. Review “Stretching and Dredging the Meridians” – Routine one & two

2. Study “Stretching and Dredging the Meridians” – Routine three (All Internal Organs Work Smoothly)



1. Review “Stretching and Dredging the Meridians” – Routine one, two and three

2. Exchange training experience, summary and future plan

3. Closing ceremony

    To improve health both mentally and physically in managing chronic conditions using innovative skills



Other Activities


Monday-Friday, July 30 - August 3: Consultation & Practice


One to one  health consultation ($150 per person, appointment needed) 



One to one  health consultation($150 per person, appointment needed) 



1-hour Practice (for the people who attended the workshop and consulted with Master Liu )


$20 off for our clinic patients and the people who attended our workshop before.


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