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Our Mission



Our mission is to bring together the best resources from the United States and China to establish a world-class cooperative center for clinical treatment, education, scientific research and cultural exchange.

We hope to bring the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine to the American people, and to integrate Chinese medicine into healthcare practices in the US.

We believe this exchange of ideas, technology and culture will bring the two countries together and deepen the friendship between our two peoples.

Exhibitions on Traditional Chinese Medicine

The traditional Chinese medicine museum affiliated with the Center will have standing exhibits and special exhibitions on a regular basis. The display includes historical traditional Chinese medicine artifacts, specimens of medicinal substances, information about traditional Chinese medicine therapies (acupuncture, qigong, tuina, cupping), and international publications and achievements. The museum will share knowledge of how to prevent chronic diseases and keep fit and how to pursue a healthy life style through diet and exercise. Special techniques for keeping and maintaining good health such as Taijiquan, Eight Pieces of Brocade, and medicated diets will be taught. 

Clinical Exchange Programs

In order to further the clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine in the US, clinical specialists from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and traditional Chinese medicine clinical professionals in the US will develop regular exchange programs sharing clinical research advances and clinical experience, including problems experienced and solved, to improve the professional expertise of American clinicians.

Educational Exchange Programs

The Center, in cooperation with National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, will carry out academic exchanges between American and Chinese scholars in traditional Chinese medicine to improve the traditional Chinese medicine educational level in the US. In conjunction with training institutions, the Center will run traditional Chinese medicine training classes with combination of western Medicine . 

 Conducting Scientific Research


With the help of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and American scientific research teams, the Center will establish a platform for joint clinical and basic science research on complicated conditions such as cancer, addiction, allergy, pains, mental problem, epilepsy, infertility, menopause syndrome and nervous injuries. The expertise of both teams will be brought into full play to overcome difficulties and address key problems.

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