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Oversea Program of Chinese and Western Medicine 

1. Enrollment 

This program is designed for acupuncture practitioners in the United States and other clinical practitioners of western medicine who are interested in Chinese medicine.

2. Contents

  • Course on clinical Chinese medicine

  • Observation and experience of diagnosis and treatment by clinical Chinese medicine

  • Culture and cuisine Experience & Sightseeing

3. Time Arrangement

14 days

4. Location


5. Enrollment Number 

20 persons

6. Courses

Various lectures providing in-depth explanation of theories and methods in Chinese medicine will be arranged, including

1-2 lectures on Classical Chinese culture

1-2 lectures on Herbal Medicine and Food Therapy

1 lecture on Technique of Acupuncture

1 lecture on Technique of Moxibustion

1 lecture on Technique of Tuina

1-2 lectures on Qigong

1-2 lectures on Special Therapies

1 Lecture on Treatment of Common Diseases

Observation and Experience of diagnosis and treatment by clinical Chinese medicine will be scheduled, including Visiting Clinical departments at the Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine; Observing practice of experts of Chinese medicine at Famous Doctors Clinic Guoyitang.

7. Culture and cuisine Experience & Sightseeing:

Visiting at Tongrentang and its affiliated museum, Museum of Chinese Medicine, Medicinal Botanical Garden, the Imperial Palace, Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall and the Summer Palace will be included.

Traditional Chinese delicacies like roast duck; hot pot and ravioli are provided.

​8. Fee

$2500 person (Exclude Flight ticket)

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