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Symposium on Neurology in Western Medicine and TCM between America and China

Integration of the West and East, Focusing on Epilepsy

7/29/2018 - 7/30/2018

Jinmin Liu

MD, chief physician, prof.

President of the Dongfang Hospital of BUCM, one of the pioneers in leading the discipline of epilepsy of TCM encephalopathy, which is a key clinical specialty of china, vice chairman and secretary general of Emergency Branch of China Association of Chinese Medicine, vice chairman of Committee of Health Care and Rehabilitation of Gerontological Society of China.


Mohamad Zakaria Koubeissi 

MD, prof.

Professor of Neurology, Director of the Epilepsy Center, and Program Director of Epilepsy Fellowship at George Washington University in Washington, DC.  He is a reviewer for a number of major journals, Fellow of both the AAN and the ANA, and has earned numerous other honors, including the Innovation Award from the School of Engineering at Case Western in 2012.


Baixiao Zhao

MD, prof.

Dean of the School of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina of BUCM, one of the pioneers of key specialty of acupuncture and moxibustion of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM), chairman of committee of auricular point of China Association for Acupuncture and Moxibustion, executive council member China Association for Acupuncture and Moxibustion, expert of International Standardization Organization of SATCM (ISO/TC249).


Jason Hao

MD, MBA, L.Ac.

President of Neuro-acupuncture Institute, former chairman of the acupuncture committee in the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, former president of the board of directors at Southwest Acupuncture College, former president of The International Academy of Scalp Acupuncture. He has practiced, taught and researched scalp acupuncture for more than thirty years. His case histories have been printed in the US Army publication Stripes, in China Daily, and in Alternative Therapies.


William Davis Gaillard

MD, Prof.

Internationally recognized expert in pediatric epilepsy and imaging, chief of the Division of Epilepsy and Neurophysiology at Children's National, director of the IDDRC imaging core and associate director of the Center for Neuroscience Research, Children's Research Institute. His academic appointments include professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at George Washington University and professor of Neurology at Georgetown University.


Qun Wang

MD, chief physician, prof.

Director of epilepsy in the Neurology Center of Beijing Tiantan Hospital of Capital Medical University, deputy director of cerebrovascular disease transformation of Beijing Key Laboratory, Adjunct Professor of Beijing Institute of Major Brain Disease research, Beijing overseas high-level introduced talents and Beijing City Distinguished experts, epilepsy and EEG group member of neurology branch of Chinese Medical Association, expert of The State and the Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation.


Zhiwei Jing

MD, chief physician, prof.

Deputy director of the Academic Management Office of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chief physician of the Neurologic disease Department of Guang 'anmen Hospital. Member of the branch of neuropathy of the Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, member of the Internal Medicine Branch, member of the Jiusan Xueshe Beijing Municipal Committee on Medicine and Hygiene, expert of China Natural Science Foundation Committee.


Yonglie Zhao

MD, chief physician, prof.

Chief Physician in Neurology Department, PhD supervisor in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Vice-chairman of Specialty Committee of standard of China Association of Health Protection Food;Member of the first council of Specialty Committee of Encephalopathy of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies;Youth member of Encephalopathy branch in China Association of Chinese Medicine. Youth Committee of Encephalopathy branch in China Association of Chinese Medicine.


Keynote Speakers

Day 1

Deep Brain Stimulation in Epilepsy

          ---Mohamad Zakaria Koubeissi


Clinical and basic research of traditional Chinese medicine add-on treatment for drug-resistant epilepsy

          ---Jinmin Liu 


Chinese Scalp Acupuncture for Neurological Disorders

          ---Jason Hao


Pre-surgical evaluation for drug-resistant epilepsy

          ---Qun Wang


Special Therapeutic Considerations of Pediatric Epilepsies         

          ---William Davis Gaillard


The progress of TCM cognition and research on refractory epilepsy      

          ---Zhiwei Jing


Keynote Speakers

Day 2

Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures

          ---Linda Louise Gagnon


The research progress of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in the Treatment of Epilepsy

          ---Baixiao Zhao


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